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Mike Portnoy Bio

Mike Portnoy was born on April 20th, 1967 in Long Beach New York. He has been drumming since his very early years of his life. Portnoy is best known for his drumming presence in the popular progressive rock band Dream Theater; however he has drummed for much more. Mike is a graduate from Berklee Music Institute, where he met his band mates of Dream Theater. Mike is famous for his double bass drum work and his chops around the kit. Mike Portnoy is a master of odd time signatures; he plays the most unique beats in his music and solos.


Mike Portnoy has a huge selection of achievements and awards ranging from best progressive rock drummer to his enrollment into the drumming hall of fame. Portnoy has created many instructional videos, and has played for many different side project bands. Liquid Tension Experiment is probably the biggest side project Portnoy is apart of. His drum set ups is pretty elaborate – consisting of Tama drums and Sabian Cymbals. His cymbal set up is even more elaborate than his drum kit. Mike Portnoy has helped design a line of cymbals with Sabian called the stack cymbals; which is basically 2 cymbals on top of each other.


Mike Portnoy has played many drum solos that have made their way to video. His involvement in the modern drum festival as well as his DVD and other clinical work has been documented by many. Take a few moments to check out some of Portnoy’s instructional videos and solos below or click here for more Mike Portnoy drum videos.

Mike Portnoy Videos

Mike Portnoy Live Solo