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Tony Royster Jr. Bio

Tony Royster Jr. was born on October 9th, 1984 in Germany. He is an amazing professional drummer at the age of 21. He started drumming at the age of 3, and has poured his heart and soul into the hobby. He is best known for his award winning solo filmed in 1995 when he was only 12 years old. This won him the best up and coming drummer award. Royster has never had any music school training; however his skills definitely reflect that he has. He has played for countless house bands and other touring bands such as the Letterman show, The Jenny Jones Show, The Grammy Awards, and an international tour in 2001. He is also known for playing at worldwide events like PASIC, Modern Drummer Festival, and the Montreal Drum Festival.

Tony Royster Jr. excels at Funk, R&B, Latin, Rock, and Jazz, although he can play all styles. He has played alongside famous drummers as Dennis Chambers, Billy Cobham, Steve Smith, and Chester Thompson. Royster is a true roll model for all inspiring drummers, with a stay in school attitude, Royster really sets the stage. Royster endorses DW drums, and Zildjian cymbals. He also uses Vic Firth Sticks. Recently, Tony Royster has been doing a lot of teaching, on and off video. He is known for his incredible stick control and Moeller method ability.

Check out Tony Roysters videos below to see exactly how good a drummer can be by the age of 12 or watch more Tony Royster Jr. drum videos here. Watch and see just how much he improves as time goes on!


Tony Royster Jr. Videos

Tony Royster Jr's legendary solo at the age of 12!