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Joey Jordison Bio

Nathan Jonas “Joey” Jordison was born on April 26th, 1975 in Des Moines Iowa. Jordison started out as a jazz drummer in high school, where he soon learnt he wanted to be a full time drummer. Joey is best known for involvement in his current band Slipknot, however, he also plays lead guitar for the band Murderdolls.  Not only does he play for Slipknot, he also has filled in for such drummers as Metallica's Lars Ulrich. He is definitely skilled in the heavy metal and rock music scene. His technical beats incorporate heavy double pedal use, polyrhythmic use, and the use of odd time signatures. Joey Jordison is famous for wearing a white mask during his shows with his band Slipknot.

Joey Jordison plays on a monster Pearl drum set; currently which is a Pearl Masters Series MMX.  Jordison uses Paiste cymbals for his recordings and live shows. He has a number of signature cymbals he has created with Paiste which have a unique sound and a lot of strength. For his bass drum, Jordison uses Ion Cobras. Joey Jordison is extremely technical on the drums, playing solos that captivate the listener. That along with his showmanship and looks makes him a great drummer to watch. He is more than just a drummer, he also is into the music producing scene, producing music for entry level bands.

Take a look below or see the Joey Jordison drum videos to experience the Joey Jordison drum solo, a truly unique experience. When he wears the mask, you cannot see his expression on his face, giving off an eerie feel to his playing.

If you are interested in learning more, be sure to check out these Joey Jordison pictures, and Joey Jordison videos.

Joey Jordison Videos

Live Drum Solo #1 - London

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