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Aaron Spears Bio

Aaron Spears was born on October 26th, 1976. He is a professional African American drummer who I s best known for his skills in the R&B style of drumming. Aaron was brought up in a Pentecostal church, where he eventually played in the worship band there. This was his first taste of playing in a band, and he liked it. At the age of 23, Aaron Spears joined a Christian band called Gideon Band. The style of music was a jazz fusion R&B style of rock. This band helped not only spread the name of god, but also the name of Aaron Spears. It wasn’t long until his chops and skills on the drums were heard by some key professionals.

Eventually, Aaron joined the Funk Rock Orchestra, which was the band or Usher. Aaron has played for Usher ever since, recording for the platinum album “Confessions”. Aaron Spears has played many tours with Usher, including a special performance with Usher and James Brown during the Grammy’s one year. Spears has been influenced by Travis Barker, Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers, Papa Jo Jones, Stewart Copeland, and more. Aaron Spears plays on a DW drum set. His drumming style is very funky and technical.

Take a few moments to look at some of Aaron Spears’ best performances and solos below or you can find more Aaron Spears drum videos here!

Aaron Spears Videos

Aaron Spears playing for Usher and James Brown at the Grammy's!

Amature footage of Aaron Spears on a drum set at NAMM