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Danny Carey Bio

American drummer Danny Carey was born on May 10th, 1961, in Kansas. He is best known for his progressive drumming for the band Tool. He started his music endevours at an early age with lessons on the snare drum. He eventually moved onto private lessons where he learned most of his theory. Carey also studied the bongos and tables with different teachers, giving him an understanding to a whole new area of percussion. In college, Danny Carey studied Jazz drumming, and played for many different jazz groups. His musical experience was massive. Apart from Tool, Carey also played for Carole King, the Pigmy Love Circus, Zuam, and fusion band VOLTO. His skills on the drum set are seen through his complex time signature beats and polyrhythms with his band Tool. 

Danny Carey currently plays a Sonar drum set with Paiste Cymbals. He is known for his incredibly elaborate drum set costing over $70 000 and weighing over one hundred pounds. His snare drum alone is completely made of bronze from old cymbals. Danny has his own signature cymbal set with Paiste cymbals, and signature drumsticks with Vic Firth as well. As of late, Carey has been known for incorporating a few electronic drums in his beats as well. All in all, Danny Carey is an incredible drummer made popular by his use of complex time signatures, huge drum sets, and use of tablas and bongos in his music. He is known for playing lengthy solos during his concerts that impress every one, drummer or not!

Look below to see a complete list of solos and other drum videos from Danny Carey or here some more Danny Carey drum videos. During his videos, try and observe his use of polyrhythms and odd time signatures.

Danny Carey Videos

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