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Tony Williams Bio

Tony Williams was born on December 12th of 1945, and passed away on Feb. 23rd 1997. He was an all time legend, and amazing African American drummer. Born and raised in Chicago, Williams began drumming by taking lessons from Alan Dawson at an early age. Soon after that, he began performing. His first show was at the age of 13 with the famous saxophonist Sam Rivers. Tony Williams is most commonly known for his work with Miles Davis, who is an amazing jazz legend. In fact, his popularity grew at an early age, as Miles hired him at the age of 17. Tony Williams is known for his amazing stick control and his use of polyrhythms, which at his time was very rare. The biggest achievement of Tony Williams was his attitude that a drummer should not just be an accompaniment or timekeeper. He believed a drummer should be a vital piece to the band, one that shares his contribution and ideas freely in their songs.

Tony Williams started the Tony Williams Lifetime in 1969, a trio band which was very successful. This band eventually broke up, however not soon after that Williams started another group called the New Tony Williams Lifetime. Tony Williams’ most recent work was with Paul McCartney, playing with him for sometimes. Tony Williams lived and taught the rest of his life in San Francisco. He passed away from a heart attack after a routine surgery on his gall bladder. Tony Williams was an inspiration to so many drummers to this day.

Check out Tony Williams and his drumming in the videos below or you can watch more Tony Williams drum videos at the FreeDrumLessons.com website.

Tony Williams Videos

Tony at a young age - playing with Miles - Part 1

Tony at a young age - playing with Miles - Part 2

Tony at a young age - playing with Miles - Part 3

Tony at a young age - playing with Miles - Part 4