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Travis Barker Bio

Travis Barker was born on November 14, 1975, where he has been drumming ever since. He has played for a number of bands ranging from rock alternative to punk rock. He is most widely known for his work in the popular band Blink 182, which were around for 7 years. He also played for The Transplants, Boxcar Racer, and his current band +44. Travis Barker has been used in many different occasions as a studio drummer. This can be seen in Avril Lavigne and Pink’s albums.

Travis Barker started out by playing Jazz and Latin music; however he is now known for his fast chops in the punk rock music genre.  He is not a huge soloist, but his perfect timing, speed, and unique beats set him apart from other drummers. Travis has used Orange County Percussion drums most of his life. He has a small kit, ranging in different colors and finishes. His kit usually includes a bass drum, a rack tom, a floor tom, and a snare. Barker uses Zildjian cymbals for his set up. Because he is such a heavy drummer, he equips his drum set with Zildjian Z-Customs.

Check out some of Travis Barkers work with these videos or click here to see some more Travis Barker drum videos. His solo’s are fast and precise, with a lot of variety despite being on a small drum set!

If you are still interested in seeing more, check out these Travis Barker videos.

Travis Barker Videos

Snare Drum Tricks in Studio

Live Drum Solo

Solo Montage With Travis Talking

Playing a band track live in Toronto, Canada