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Carter Beauford Bio

Carter Beauford was born on Nov. 2nd, 1957 in Virginia USA.  He has become extremely popular in the drumming community for his role in the creation of the Dave Matthews Band. His drumming style is very unique, playing the “open hand” technique where you play the drums left handed on a right handed set up. Carter Beauford started drumming at the age of three, when his father took him to a Buddy Rich concert. Ever since then he has been drumming. Beauford was playing professional shows by the age of 9! He has an unbelievable amount of musical experience. Carter Beauford was a drummer for the band Secrets, where he played most of his shows in a bar in Charlottesville. It was here when the band met the local bartender Dave Matthews, who proposed some of his songs to them. Soon after this, Carter accepted him into the band, thus creating the Dave Matthews Band.

Carter Beauford is noted as one of the best percussionist of his day. His skill stretches all over the map, including teaching as he shows in his instructional DVD “Under the Table and Drumming”. Beauford plays on a Yamaha Recording Custom drum set up with Zildjian cymbals. He uses a DW double bass pedal and Latin Percussion accessories. Carter has a unique groove that is clearly unique to his style of drumming. With a wide array of cymbals and drums to play on, his beats are never similar. His open hand style drumming is rarely used by professionals, giving him something to call his own.

Check out these videos below or at DrumLessons.com (Carter Beauford drum videos) for some incite into the drumming styles of Carter Beauford. See how he moves around the drum kit with his open hand drumming technique!

Here are some Carter Beauford videos if you are interested in seeing more.

Carter Beauford Videos

Carter Beauford of Dave Matthews Band Playing a Live Drum Solo

Carter Beauford playing with Santana & Dave Matthews