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Tommy Lee Bio

Although Tommy Lee was born in Athens Greece on October 3rd 1962, he moved to the USA after a year old. His first drum was given to him when he was only 4 years old; however, his first drum set was given to him by the age of 11. Tommy Lee is best known for his drumming style for the popular hair metal band Motley Crew; although a lot of people know him for his relationship to Pamela Anderson. Tommy Lee dropped out of high school late to follow his musical career. He was in a marching band when he was young. Tommy Lee’s early musical inspiration was from Kiss, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Judas Priest. Tommy played in May bands starting out, like his first real successful band Suite 19. Eventually, Lee helped to create the band Motley Crew, in which he is still apart of. He is one of the best showmanship drummers around, with huge stage presence and props.

As of recently, Tommy Lee created a TV reality show called Rockstar Supernova; where he auditions singers to form a new band. This was a huge success for Tommy.  He is more than just a drummer, with other musical skills as well as producing skills. Tommy Lee is famous for his enormous bass drums, ranging from 24-26 inches. Tommy Lee currently uses DW drums. Tommy Lee is extremely talented on the drums, with grooves that really give his bands personality. Despite his drugs an alcohol style of life in he 80’s and 90’s, his music career has been extremely successful. He has created a number of solo albums, as well as albums with his other band Methods of Mayhem.

Tommy is a very influential drummer of his time. Take a few moments to look at these Tommy Lee drum videos, and see what sets him apart!

If you are still interested in seeing more, check out these Tommy Lee videos.

Tommy Lee Videos

Inverted Drum Solo 1987

Drum Solo - Carnival Of Sins Tour 2005

Drum Solo #2 - Carnival Of Sins Tour